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Frequently asked questions about our fatwood

Fatwood is an all-natural, 100% organic, chemical-free and environmentally friendly fire starter made from pine wood. 

Fatwood differs from other kindling products in that it is waterproof, ignites faster and maintains a sustained flame for longer. 

What makes fatwood water-repellent and burn so well is the high concentration on natural resin in the wood which other hardwoods such as cedar do not have.

Fatwood ignites so quickly and burns so well due to the high concentration of organic resin found naturally inside the wood. This resin builds up in the stump of the pine tree over time as it hardens. The flammable nature of the resin means absolutely no chemicals or additives are needed to make it burn.

Fatwood is not soaked in anything. Absolutely no chemicals have been added. What makes pine fatwood burn so well is the high concentration of natural resin in the wood.

No, fatwood is not toxic and it is safe for indoor and outdoor use. When burning, the smoke emitted from fatwood is quite dark, but do not be alarmed! The dark smoke is due to the high natural resin content in the wood. Unlike chemical fire starters, fatwood does not release toxic fumes into the environment or onto your cooking food.

Fatwood is an eco-friendly and 100% organic product. It is a healthier and more environmentally friendly choice over chemical fire starters. It does not release noxiou chemicals into the air.

You can start a fire with as little as 2 pieces of fatwood and a match. It ignites almost instantly. No more fussing with balls of newspaper and cardboard.

The Billy Buckskin fatwood is sustainably harvested and not a single live tree is harmed in the process. Our fatwood is not a by-product of clear-cutting or commercial logging. It is hand harvested from the stumps of dead or naturally felled (from storms or lightning) non-endangered pine trees.


Simply place 2-3 sticks of fatwood in the center of your kindling, light one stick and watch the fire start before your eyes! You may need to hold a match on one spot of fatwood for a couple of seconds to get the resin to flow and then light. Some may take longer than others.

Fatwood is waterproof and can burn when wet. This is due to the water-repelling properties of the natural resin within the wood. Fatwood is therefore perfect for use in any conditions. It works just as well starting a campfire surrounded by snow as starting a BBQ in the heat of summer.

Our fatwood fire-starting sticks have an indefinite shelf life. Store as long as you need! Fatwood even ignites when wet, so do not be concerned if your supply gets wet in the rain.

Billy Buckskin Home, Outdoor and Beauty is an online retailer established in North Carolina in 2021. We are suppliers of premium 100% natural fatwood fire starters. On the home and beauty side, we also supply a range of 100% real leather hats and an assortment of acrylic home and beauty products available through our Amazon store.

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Billy Buckskin fatwood is available in various size and packaging options: buy in boxes, plastic bags or stylish burlap bags. You can buy in bulk boxes to stock up during winter, or buy the smaller bags as gifts or for impromptu camping trips. Our stylish burlap bag option is especially lovely as a gift.

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Shipping is FREE and we deliver throughout the United States of America.

Yes you can order wholesale fatwood through Billy Buckskin Co. for reselling. We can even assist with private labelling or custom packaging with a minimum order. For wholesale enquiries, click here.

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