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Chickie-Whiz Dust Bath: the key to healthy feathers and happy chickens

If you’re a chicken owner, you probably already know that chickens bathe in a bit of an unusual way. When it’s time to get clean, chickens don’t take showers or soak in the tub; they use dust to keep their plumage shiny. But it’s not only that chickens look a little funny when they take their duct baths, one of the most important aspects of chicken health is feather care. Healthy feathers serve as a crucial layer of insulation and protection against the elements, and they also just look good!

So, put out some Chickie-Whiz Chicken Dust Bath and watch your chickens have the time of their lives getting clean. This all-natural poultry dust bath is specially designed to help your chickens maintain healthy feathers, and it comes in a durable tub with a screw cap for easy storage and use.

Why do chickens need dust baths?

Dust baths leave chicken feathers looking shiny and full, but they are also essential for the bird’s health. It sounds counter-intuitive to bath in dust, but it’s the best thing for a chicken. The dust helps to absorb excess oil and moisture from the chicken’s feathers, keeping them clean and dry. Dust baths also help to remove loose feathers and dirt that may be clinging to the chicken’s skin and plumage. Finally, dust baths provide a natural way for chickens to combat parasites like mites and lice, which can cause health problems if left unchecked.

Chickens aren’t alone though, other animals, like chinchillas, also take dust baths to clean their fur! 

Why you should use Chickie-Whiz dust bath

1. Keeps feathers healthy

Chickie-Whiz Dust Bath contains 100% natural pumice, which helps to absorb excess moisture and oil from the feathers, keeping them clean and healthy. Healthy feathers are less likely to break or become damaged.

2. Natural pest control

Chickie-Whiz Dust is a natural pest control product that is effective against mites, lice, and other parasites that can cause health problems for your chickens. By incorporating Chickie-Whiz Dust Bath into your chicken care routine, you can help to prevent infestations and keep your chickens healthy.

3. Easy to use

Chickie-Whiz Dust Bath comes in a durable tub with a screw cap, making it easy to store and use. Simply sprinkle the dust bath in a shallow wooden container or directly onto the ground, and let your chickens do the rest! It’s amazing to see how they instinctively know what to do.

How to use Chickie-Whiz dust bath

Incorporating Chickie-Whiz Chicken Dust into your chicken care routine is easy. For free-range setups, just sprinkle some of this powder in your flock’s favorite dust-bathing spot. For confined birds, mix several inches of fine dirt with this powder, and leave it in a cardboard or wooden box inside your coop.

Make sure to use Chickie-Whiz Dust Bath regularly. Depending on the size of your flock and the size of your dust bath area, you may need to use Chickie-Whiz Dust Bath once or twice a week.

Lastly, keep an eye on your chickens. As with any new product or routine, it’s important to observe your chickens and make sure they are responding well to Chickie-Whiz Dust Bath.

Shop online for chickie-whiz dust bath

Order your Chickie-Whiz Chicken Dust Bath in a convenient and economical 5.5 pound tub from our online store. When you shop online with Billy Bucksin, you also get FREE SHIPPING on all orders in the USA. 

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