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Chickie-Whiz Chicken Dust Bath – 5.5lb Tub

Make your chickens great again! Chickie-Whiz Dust Bath is an all-natural, high quality chicken bathing powder made of 100% pumice, sourced and mined in the USA. Every chicken pen should have a dust bath if dry soil is not available. This is a fine dust that your chickens roll and fluff their feathers in. It has no additives or chemicals. Your chickens will love it!

Dust baths help keep feathers clean and in good condition and happy and healthy chickens produce better quality eggs. Simply put approximately 1 inch of Chickie-Whiz in a wooden frame on the ground or in an area of the chicken coop. Your chickens will roll in the dust to remove unwanted guests nestling in their feathers.

Chickie-Whiz comes in a 5.5 lb jar with a screw top lid.

  • Made of non-toxic 100% Volcanic Pumice Dust sustainably mined in the fields of Kansas and milled in the USA.
  • Our Dust is highly absorbent, removes urine, moisture, and excess oils from feathers.
  • It has a texture of softness but not like clay or talc. It does not cause any kind of damage to the feathers, chickens or handlers.
  • The dust was chemically analyzed to be essentially a natural aluminum silicate mineral containing no free silica, no free lime or arsenic.
  • This dust also completely shakes out of the feathers, thus leaving the chicken clean and not permanently imparting the feathers with dust.
  • It contains no limestone or ground-up volcanic pumice which contains microscopic splinters of glass that can damage feathers and irritate skin.
  • Especially hens love to roll around in dust cleaning and refreshing their feathers.
  • Not recommended for baby chicks with down, wait until chicks have feathers in before introducing them to the dust.


  • For free-range setups, just sprinkle some of this powder in your flock’s favorite dust-bathing spot.
  • For confined birds, mix several inches of fine dirt with this powder, and leave it in a cardboard or wooden box inside your coop.
  • Caution: Do not use on baby chicks with down.

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Chickie-Whiz Chicken Dust Bath – 5.5lb Tub


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Chickie-Whiz Chicken Dust Bath – 5.5lb Tub

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