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Chinchilla Bath Dust All Natural Dusting Powder – 3lb Jar

Small rodents naturally bath in dust to keep their fur clean. The Billy Buckskin Company has the perfect 100% natural pumice dust bath for chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils and degus. It coats each hair and removes moisture, oils and odors.

Our Chinchilla dust is responsibly mined in the USA, has no added chemicals and is screened and sieved for size consistency and sprinkling. Vet and groomers agree that the Billy Buckskin Co. Chinchilla Bath Dust is essential for a healthier coat on your small animal.

The 3Lb reusable jar can be cleaned and reused for storage or other purposes.

  • This dust is a non-toxic material sustainably mined and milled in the USA.
  • Our dust is highly absorbent, removes urine, moisture, and excess oils from the fur.
  • It has a texture of softness but not like clay or talc. It does not cause any kind of damage to the fur, animal or animal handlers.
  • The dust naturally smothers the respiratory pores of unwanted guests so they cannot breathe, leaving your animals happy and healthy.
  • The dust was chemically analyzed to be essentially a natural aluminum silicate mineral containing no free silica, no free lime or arsenic.
  • This dust also completely shakes out of the fur, thus leaving the animal clean and not permanently imparting the fur with dust.
  • It contains no limestone or ground-up volcanic pumice which contains microscopic splinters of glass that can damage fur and irritate skin.


  • Add a thin layer (approximately 1/4 inch) to the chinchilla bathing container. Place the chinchilla in the container for 5-10 minutes. Repeat weekly or more often if desired.
  • Always discard the dust if it becomes damp.
  • If used for chickens: not recommended for baby chicks with down. Wait until chicks have feathers before introducing them to the dust.

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Chinchilla Bath Dust All Natural Dusting Powder – 3lb Jar

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Chinchilla Bath Dust All Natural Dusting Powder – 3lb Jar

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