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How to use fatwood to start a fire

Fatwood, also known by terms such as “fat lighter,” “lighter knot,” “rich lighter,” and “heart pine” lights readily with an open flame. Fatwood is highly flammable due to the concentration of naturally occurring resin within the wood. It burns incredibly well while maintaining a sustained flame and due to its waterproof nature it even burns when wet.

Our fatwood is perfect for starting a fire in multiple scenarios and is safe for both indoor and outdoor use. Use to light a fire in indoor and outdoor fireplaces, campfires, wood and pellet stoves, firepits and more. They are small, and only 2 sticks are needed to start a fire, so its a great addition to your emergency hiking kit.

STEP 1: Simply place 2 or 3 fatwood firestarter sticks across one another in the center of a fireplace grate or lower charcoal grill so that the flame can move up the sticks.

STEP 2: Place your dry, split firewood (or charcoal) on top of the fatwood sticks making sure to leave room between the wood or charcoal and the fatwood to allow for the easy movement of air.

STEP 3: Light the ends of the fatwood stick. You may need to hold a match on one spot of fatwood for a couple of seconds to get the resin to flow and then light. Some may take longer than others.

STEP 4: Replace the screen or grill on your fireplace and relax as your fire comes to life.

Remember: Safety first, always!

  • Fatwood is highly flammable. Always take caution when starting a fire and keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Never leave any fire unattended!
  • When storing your fatwood, keep it away from fire or open flame
  • Never cook over burning sticks – let them burn out first
  • Be sure chimney damper is open and ensure adequate air supply at all times
  • Fatwood is not suitable for use in gas grills or gas fireplaces

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Accessories ideal for use with your fatwood

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