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Pool-Whiz Pumice Block Pool Tile & Concrete Cleaner

Billy Buckskin Co. is a leading supplier of Pumice Stones in the USA. Get your swimming pool tiles clean and ready for the summer. Works where chemicals fail. Removes rust, mineral build-up, lime, stains, hard water stains and deposits from ceramic tile with ease. Pool-Whiz Pumice Block is made from 100% pumice and is safe for most pool surfaces including tile, grout, concrete, and gunite. Pool-Whiz Pumice Block floats and there is no need to drain pool. It shapes to any surface.

UPC: 746160704531

  • Not recommended for vinyl, acrylic fiberglass, wood or chrome surfaces. Always test a small inconspicuous area first.

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Pool-Whiz Pumice Block Pool Tile & Concrete Cleaner

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