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1 Click Fire Ready to Light Campfire Wood Bundle – 19lb

Billy Buckskin Co. campfire wood bundle is a unique “1 click design”. This 1 click easy light firewood bundle is sustainably sourced from the Mexican highlands and comes in a ready to light bundle of everything you need for the perfect campfire. Fatwood, wood wool and kindling gets it going, then the perfect mix of pine, mesquite, pinion and juniper makes for the most amazing fire experience. The pinon and juniper wood create an awesome aromatic experience.

You will also receive fatwood starter sticks, wood wool and kindling all packed and ready to light. Simply remove from the box and light it. The total weight of the Fire wood box varies between 16-19 lbs +/- 10%.

Perfectly designed for ease of lighting, order our seasoned firewood logs and warm up by the bonfire, without the hassle of searching for wood! All of our products undergo a natural aging process in the Mexican highlands, which wicks away moisture and seasons the wood to ensure a perfect fire. Each product is unique as this is a natural product and may not match the picture identically

DESIGNED FOR FIREPITS AND CAMPING: 100% natural seasoned, well dried firewood for your Firepit or backyard bonfire. 13-16 inch length by 3-4 inch diameter split. The Billy Buckskin 1 Click Easy Light Campfire Bundle of wood is perfect for camping, fire pits, fireplace, campfire or wood stove indoor or outdoors. Our all natural firewood logs contain no additives and chemicals, and are made up for an aromatic organic ambience.

BURNS IN ANY WEATHER CONDITION: Billy Buckskin Camping Wood Logs for Firepits are extra dry and seasoned, and combined with the high resin ocote sticks, will enable you to get your fire going with ease in the snow, or in your yard on a cold day! In any camping situation these would be ideal, even when damp, you will still get a fire going in minutes

BURNS HOTTER AND LONGER: It is dense and contains more organic matter than other firewoods, allowing you to achieve a hotter fire to last longer No need to split, each log is precut and it is all bound up together in a unique ready to light format. Just load it up, light, and enjoy. The lively sound of crackling wood takes your fire pit experience to the next level.

100% NATURALLY SCENTED AROMATIC FIREWOOD: The smell of our naturally scented fire wood is the perfect fit for the perfect flame. This aromatic, naturally scented firewood is the perfect way to take your camping or Firepit fire to the next level. Pinion repels mosquitoes, has a distinct aroma and burns hot. Juniper creates a lively fire, lots of pops and crackles, has a distinct aroma and is sought after for its generous heat.

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Billy Buckskin Firewood Bundle

1 Click Fire Ready to Light Campfire Wood Bundle – 19lb

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