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Applewood Cooking Wood, Apple Chips & Fatwood Bundle

Billy Buckskin’s Seasoned and Split Apple firewood logs for grilling and cooking come in a bundle of everything you’d need for the perfect BBQ experience. The total weight of the Fire wood box varies between 15-18 lbs and you will also receive 1 pack of apple smoking mini chips (1lb) as well as a Fatwood Firestarter bundle.

Our 100% natural applewood is naturally dried, contains no additives and is perfect for cooking and for indoor or outdoor use. It gives a lovely smoky and fruity flavor to your food.

100% NATURAL: Billy Buckskin’s Seasoned Apple firewood logs are perfect for Grilling, BBQ, fire pit, fireplace, campfire or wood stoves, suitable for indoor or outdoors. These all natural Apple firewood logs contain no additives and chemicals.

PERFECT FOR CAMPING: Billy Buckskin’s Seasoned Apple firewood logs & Applewood wood chips for smoking of food, burns well and slowly, making it the ideal choice for grilling poultry, beef, pork, seafood and even vegetables. The size of the firewood logs from apple trees are about 13 inches long, and are is suited for charcoal grills, pizza ovens & solo stoves

INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Whether as Fire logs for Fireplace or as Cooking Wood for BBQ and Smoking, our Applewood logs are an ideal choice. Use in your fire pit, BBQ grill, campfire, indoor fireplace, or outdoor pizza oven. Great fruity flavors, the natural cooking firewood & apple wood chips are an excellent combination for really good tasting meat

FIRESTARTER STICKS BURN IN ANY WEATHER CONDITION: You will get a bundle of 6-8 Fatwood Fire Starter sticks with your Apple Wood bundle, with the high resin content these 100% natural Fire Starter Sticks will light your fire with ease. The fire starter sticks burn even when wet! Perfect for outdoor fireplaces, try a BBQ in the snow ! Use on your BBQ fire pit grill in the summer, dont worry about rain or wet wood, your fire will still light! Ideal for camping.

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Applewood Cooking Wood, Apple Chips & Fatwood Bundle

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